Bitcoin Shop is now accepting Dogecoin

Bitcoin Shop has announced that it has begun accepting dogecoin on its ecommerce platform. Dogecoin is an open source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency.

The partnership with GoCoin helps extend the link between virtual currencies like dogecoin and online shoppers.

Charles Allen, CEO of Bitcoin Shop, commented, “Increasing the number of cryptocurrencies our ecommerce platform is capable of accepting has been an on-going strategy of ours. Our recent partnership with GoCoin, has allowed us to further pursue this goal. In doing so we not only diversify the risk associated with relying on one cryptocurrency, but also attract a broader consumer base. According to DogeChain, by the end of 2014 approximately 100 billion dogecoins will be mined. We look forward to continuing to enhance the shopper and vendor experience on our platform going forward.”

“It’s exciting to see one of the first publicly traded bitcoin companies embrace the dogecoin community,” remarked Steve Beauregard, Founder and CEO of GoCoin. “Until now, dogecoin has been used largely as a tipping coin; it will be exciting to see physical goods delivered to our user’s front doors.”

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