PayPal Here goes chip and PIN in Australia

PayPal Australia has announced the next generation of PayPal Here, an app and Bluetooth device for small businesses, service providers and casual sellers to begin accepting credit card payments from their smartphone. 

The chip and PIN credit card reader has been specifically designed for Australia where Chip and PIN has been widely adopted and will soon be assigned across ATMs, cards and payments terminals.

“With our long heritage as a trusted brand in Australia, we have been providing innovative technology solutions for businesses of all sizes for over a decade. With PayPal Here we’re proud to offer small businesses a solution that helps them take advantage of every sales opportunity, enabling secure payments online, on mobile and in-store, wherever or whenever they do business,” said Andrew Rechtman, Senior Director of SMB, Retail and Strategy at PayPal Australia.

“Today’s shopfront is increasingly mobile with consumers embracing this trend and no longer expecting to have to travel to a shop for everyday goods and services. This is why we’ve developed the new PayPal Here – to give businesses the flexibility to be more mobile, without being hampered by logistical challenges that technology can easily overcome.” Rechtman added.

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