Heartland launches OneCard Mobile App for university students

Heartland Payment Systems has announced it is officially launching its OneCard Mobile app, a fundamental shift in leveraging mobile technology to create a single point of access to campus life for students.

OneCard Mobile is an app based on patent-pending technology that enables campus administrators to offer students a single resource that serves as a virtual ID card, a payment system for all campus services and activities, and for permission-based access to events, buildings, rooms, libraries, and other facilities.

During the pilot testing, parents appreciate the control they have over how much money is placed in secure OneCard pre-paid student accounts, also students were enthusiastic about the convenience of combining their student ID with mobile payments for campus goods and services, as well as access to campus facilities in a single mobile app.

“Students today are inseparable from their smartphones, so we decided to rethink the entire campus mobile technology model,” said Melissa Peirano, General Manager, OneCard for Heartland Campus Solutions ECSI. “Why not create a mobile app that combines a secure, pre-paid mobile payment system with student ID functionality that provides convenience to students, peace of mind to parents, and a helping hand to administrators looking to streamline operations while creating the right impact, the right connections, and a better image? That’s what OneCard Mobile does, and pilot testing proves that students, parents and campus administrators are enthusiastic on many levels.”

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