PrePay Solutions and Edenred launch Ticket Restaurant card in France

Following the decree enabling the digitisation of meal vouchers in France on March 7th, PrePay Solutions has helped parent company Edenred launch the Ticket Restaurant card in the French market.

The first version of the card, supported by MasterCard, which is issued to staff can be loaded by employers and redeemed in a majority of Ticket Restaurant affiliated restaurants or merchants in France. The card will offer the same acceptance network as the paper voucher by summer 2014.

The new card will be easier and safer for companies to manage as it can be automatically loaded online, is securely protected and has restricted usage, meaning that it can’t be used illegitimately on Sundays and bank holidays. It also offers extra convenience for users as they can take advantage of the contactless payments systems and a dedicated SMS balance checking service.

Ray Brash, Managing Director and Chairman at PrePay Solutions, commented: “The rule change in France has really opened the door for effective solutions that make the meal voucher system less of a burden for companies. The demand for this service has been self-evident and we’re pleased to be the company helping pioneer that change, replacing the voucher system with a modern, dynamic card based alternative.”

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