Revel Systems launches iPad POS for the visually impaired

Revel Systems has announced it has introduced a new hardware and software product bundle aimed at providing technology features for the visually impaired.

The inherent touchscreen nature of iPad POS terminals are without tactile qualities, making them not fully accessible and independently usable by the visually impaired. However the new accessibility bundle enables its merchants and customers to easily use Revel’s platform.

At the moment most touchscreen POS solutions don’t provide a way for those with visual impairments to securely enter their debit card pin numbers or signature screens when making a purchase at the checkout. But Revel’s new accessibility bundle includes Bluetooth enabled keyboards with textured keys, allowing full use of the Revel POS.

“Revel’s philosophy has always been providing the highest-grade technology to all businesses, large and small,” said Chris Ciabarra, CTO of Revel Systems. “As part of our mission, we believe business owners have the responsibility to serve all populations, including those with visual impairments. It has been a priority to create a version of our point of sale that would allow those with visual impairments to fully access our iPad POS. This new product will empower these consumers to function independently within retail establishments by providing them with full access to the Revel Systems iPad POS.”

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