Zipmark Deposit enables businesses to pay-out to many recipients at once

Zipmark, a digital check payment platform, has announced that it has launched its secure mass payments product, Zipmark Deposit.

Zipmark Deposit is a payments service that enables businesses of any size to send an unlimited number of secure digital check payments at one time.

Payments made with Zipmark Deposit are free to recipients and funds are deposited overnight into designated checking accounts. Merchants can integrate with Zipmark’s easy-to-use real-time Deposit API, or can simply upload a flat file of transactions

“Zipmark Deposit simplifies the technology and pricing for high volume payables,” said Jay Bhattacharya, CEO and co-founder of Zipmark. “If your company makes a lot of payments, you know it’s a pain to mail checks or use your online banking. Recipients will be happier to get their money faster and businesses can eliminate an outdated and costly process.”

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