Citi customers can now pay bills with reward points

Citi has announced it has offered checking account customers the ability to pay bills online and now for the first time they can use ThankYou Points for their bill payments.

Citi ThankYou Rewards members can earn ThankYou Points across their Citi banking and credit card relationship and use these points to pay virtually any bill online, such as their phone and electricity bill.

“We want our members to have the choice of using their points when and how they want,” said Mary Hines Droesch, Head of ThankYou Rewards at Citi. “Whether you want to pay this month’s cell phone or utility bill due next week, ThankYou Rewards lets you decide how you use your points.”  

Here’s how Online Bill Pay with Points works:

  1. Log on to
  2. Go to Pay Bills, and select Make a One-Time Payment and a payee.
  3. Select the ThankYou Rewards Account and enter the dollar amount of the payment that you’d like to cover using ThankYou Points. For example, enter USD50 and the ThankYou Points needed to cover that amount will be automatically calculated.
  4. To use both points and cash to pay a bill, enter the dollar amount you want to cover using points and the remaining cash amount from your checking account.
  5. Choose a Citibank checking account and select a date to schedule the payment. On the day of the scheduled payment, points will be redeemed for cash and deposited into the customer’s checking account.  The full bill payment will then be paid from the checking account on that day.

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