Yapital opens up for partnerships with banks

Yapital has announced its innovative offer; the European cross-channel payment system has developed a cooperation model for transaction banks.

Yapital sees close cooperation with banks as having significant potential for all involved and therefore is looking for strategic partnerships with interested financial institutions in the short term.

The partner bank’s customers can connect Yapital to their existing account. The account is then automatically used as a funding source for Yapital transactions. The bank gets the chance to expand its classic offering for existing and new customers with a modern, innovative payment system in an uncomplicated way.

Nils Winkler, Chairman of the Board at Yapital, said: “Banks can provide their customers with real additional value and assure that payments are fulfilled via their own products, for example their checking accounts. After all, it is these accounts that is used as funding source for Yapital transactions. Whenever customers pay with Yapital, they are still also customers of their house bank. Financial institutions like Yapital as well as transaction banks must especially keep an eye on the security needs of their customers and should not rely on overseas services.”

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