MeaWallet signs agreement to use Swedish mobile bankID

MeaWallet has announced it has signed a deal to use the Swedish mobile bankID as a method for mobile authentication and signing of mobile financial transactions.

This agreement means that MeaWallet and its partner service providers will be able to use this mobile authentication and signing application as one security method in its mobile wallet services offering.

Mobile bankID has become the most used and has become a standard for doing mobile authentication and signing of mobile transactions in Sweden. It’s used by all major banks for their costumers as they login to mobile bank applications and for the signing of financial transactions. Also the mobile authentication is used by many governmental organisations.

“Swedish mobile bankID is a very good and well-known mobile security application and trusted by the large population of users. MeaWallet and its mobile service provider partners can now use this to enhance and secure attractive mobile services in the MeaWallet mobile wallet, including payments and other financial transactions, loyalty/coupons, ID’s, access, ticketing and receipts.” says Lars Sandtorv, CEO of MeaWallet.

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