Cathay United Bank to deliver personalised ATM transactions via NCR

NCR Corporation has announced that Cathay United Bank  has become the first bank in Taiwan to provide personalized ATM transactions by using NCR APTRA Connections software. APTRA Connections enhances the customer experience while also supporting a bank’s targeted marketing programs. NCR partnered with Pershing Systems Corporation, a renowned information technology reseller in Taiwan. CUB is the fourth largest ATM deployer in Taiwan with more than 1,900 ATMs.

APTRA Connections is now running on about 180 units of NCR SelfServ ATMs and 120 units from another vendor. Most of these ATMs are installed at busy locations, primarily in metro stations to provide customers with personalized services. CUB is also planning to extend the new features to its entire ATM network gradually.

APTRA Connections enables CUB to recognize their customers and display personalized greeting message.  CUB customers can customize their ATM menu by pre-selecting favorite transaction options that include their usual cash withdrawal amount, bill payment and bank transfers, resulting in fewer screens to navigate and save time – as much as 33 percent faster than a typical transaction.

A typical CUB customer can simply pre-select his regular monthly transactions like house mortgage, cross-bank transfer to his kids’ tutor, credit-card payment and cash withdrawal in one go with just a few clicks.

In addition, CUB will be able offer some of its available online banking services on ATMs very soon, such as bill payment, donations, and telecom bill and fixed line broadband payments.

“Today’s consumers are pressed for time and wish to be individually recognized by their financial institution. By providing our customers with clear, consistent and personalized information, we are delivering our banking customers with more unique consumer experiences and faster ATM transaction speeds. We have received positive
customer feedback since the new features were introduced, and there is a significant increase in the number of customers who pre-select their favorite transactions every month,”
said D.I Li, CEO of Pershing Systems Corporation. 

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