GlobalPlatform launches Security Task Force

GlobalPlatform has announced the launch of a Security Task Force. The group will apply the best combination of GlobalPlatform Specifications to offer practical and proportionate levels of security.

The task force has been created in response to the increasing number of secure and trusted services that are being deployed on devices such as smartphones that contain under-utilized secure chip technology, which need to be protected. The group’s immediate priorities are to develop white papers to communicate GlobalPlatform’s role in the security ecosystem and to host GlobalPlatform security workshops with industry representatives to explore the management of secure and non-secure applications on a mobile device.

“Security is not about making something bigger or stronger,” explains Jon Geater, Chair of the Security Task Force. “These concepts are comforting but are meaningless on their own: security is far more contextual than that. Our work is about bringing GlobalPlatform’s spectrum of specifications together in a way that best defends real assets from real threats in real devices and systems.”

“Migration to mobile security requires evolution in the traditional security concepts so right from the word go; we have seen engagement in the group from both security providers and from those that use these products. GlobalPlatform aims to connect security experts with users such as service providers to discuss use cases for GlobalPlatform Specifications as input from both sides will help us to tailor GlobalPlatform’s offering to the specific requirements of the marketplace.” adds Kevin Gillick, Executive Director of GlobalPlatform.

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