Cardtronics unveils new branding for UK ATM estate

Global ATM services provider Cardtronics has begun the roll-out of a new look and feel to the branding of its UK ATM estate.

As part of the introduction of the new branding, Cardtronics will unite the estates, brands and slogans of Bank Machine, CashZone, and Cardpoint under the single identity of CashZone.

Cardtronics now operates a global network of 82,700 ATMs, with machines in the United States, United Kingdom, Mexico, Canada and Germany. From a consumer point-of-view, the Bank Machine and CashZone brands will remain intact in the UK for a transitional period, while all new installations will carry the new branding.

Cardtronics has been part of the ATM provider community in the UK since its 2005 acquisition of Bank Machine, while CashZone was established in the UK in 1999. The new CashZone brand will have a portfolio of over 12,000 ATMs all across the UK.

Jonathan Simpson-Dent, Managing Director of Cardtronics Europe, and CEO of CashZone commented: “This new step in combining the distinctive colouring, individual brand name and characteristic slogan of the three operations creates a unified brand that we are extremely proud of.

“Our customers should expect to continue to see the same superior service offering from their team contact here at CashZone, as well as fantastic operational support and the financial stability that comes from the global ATM services provider Cardtronics.”

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