Visa Europe: mPOS adoption among SMEs in 2014 to take off dramatically

According to a study into the acceptance of new payment solutions published by Visa Europe, mPOS usage by small businesses (SMEs) in Europe will take off dramatically in 2014. This will be driven by changing perceptions towards card acceptance by small businesses once they become familiar with mPOS as a solution.

The research, which questioned 2,000 small businesses in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Poland, confirms that many small businesses are changing their attitudes toward card acceptance. An understanding of the potential of mPOS for small firms is a key reason for this. Those who were initially reluctant to take on mPOS, believing their business to be too small and that card acceptance solutions were too expensive and complex, soon changed their views once they had seen a demonstration and understood the usability and benefits of the technology.

A small Chip and PIN mPOS card reader is a convenient, cost-effective way to turn a smartphone or tablet into a secure card terminal. Working with a merchant’s smartphone or tablet, the solution makes card payments portable and therefore easy to use in places such as market stalls, festivals and ‘on the doorstep’ home deliveries. The technology thereby helps to open up card acceptance for small businesses and micro-merchants who may not have accepted Visa before.

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