UK coffee chain adds payments to mobile app

Harris+Hoole has announced it has upgraded its mobile app to enable customers to order and pay for their drinks ahead of time.

The app’s new capabilities will allow customers pay for their drinks when heading into their local store. But this new feature will only be available to users who have loaded their prepaid account before entering a location and checked-in to the store once they have arrived.

The customer will then be able to select their favourite drinks choices, staff will then be notified once this has been selected, and can offer this choice to the customer. The app will then communicate with the cash register to confirm the customer order that has been placed. Customers need only to confirm they are paying with the app when they approach the register.

“The mobile payment removes the cold formality of an anonymous transaction and better reflects the kind of friendly exchange you’d expect from your local coffee shop,” said Danielle Anderson, director of digital experience for Harris+Hoole. “For the first time anywhere in the U.K., a customer can walk into any H+H shop, order their usual from a barista who knows their name and how they like their coffee, and pay, all from just one tap on their mobile.”

Harris+Hoole will be able to accept payments from the app by July 1.

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