Square adds invoicing to its register service

Square has announced it has added Square Invoices to its robust register service. Sellers can get paid fast with free unlimited invoices and no monthly service fee.

Now sellers can accept payments in person, online in Square Market, and through Square Invoices for the same low 2.75% transaction price. Sellers can track all sales from their Square Dashboard, making it easy to manage all of their business operations from one place.

The online invoicing market is growing rapidly as businesses move away from traditional paper methods and look for more efficient ways to manage customer payments. Square Invoices eliminates the need to track customers down and take payments over the phone. With Square, sellers can now create custom invoices and collect payment securely from the same service they use to run their entire business.

The news comes in light on other significant change to Square’s solution platform. In the last month, Square launched inventory tracking, Offline Mode, a customer feedback service, a pre-order for pick-up service, partial refunds, integration with Stitch Labs, a business financing product, and new ways for businesses to see their sales reports in Square Dashboard.

From the full point-of-sale app Square Register to sales reports, business analytics, and the Square Market e-commerce platform, Square’s products are making it easier for sellers to take care of their business anywhere.

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