Veolia introduces mobile fare app at NICE Bus

Veolia Transportation has announced it has rolled out its ‘GoMobile’ fare payment app on the NICE bus system on Long Island.

Veolia has partnered with Masabi to bring smartphone ticketing to NICE bus customers, making NICE the first bus-only US transit system to offer smartphone-based mobile ticketing.

The app will allow passengers to purchase, store and use tickets with a smart-phone app, increasing their convenience. Upon boarding, customers display to the bus operator a secure, visually verifiable ticket on their smartphone.

“Mobile ticketing is really taking off in the US and NICE is excited to be at the forefront in bus transit. In the coming months, we look forward to rolling out additional technology initiatives that will help transform transit in Nassau County,” said Michael Setzer, NICE Chief Executive Officer and VP of Veolia Transportation. “Over the decades, fare collection for Nassau’s County’s buses has evolved, however, one area that has not changed much is cash payments. With GoMobile, we’re taking a big step to improve that situation.”

“Our hope, in terms of the future of fare payment, is that customers will be able to use what is already in their pocket at the bus stop or train stop,” said Joshua Robin, Masabi Vice President.

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