Digital River is now accepting Bitcoin

Digital River has announced it has added Bitcoin as a payment option for merchants that are selling online in the US and using its small to mid-sized commerce solution.

Bitcoin will now also be available along with other international payment options, these include: credit and debit cards, wire transfers, bank transfers and third-party wallets.

“Bitcoin continues to attract more mainstream attention,” said Tom Peterson, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Commerce at Digital River. “We’re excited to be among the first pure play ecommerce providers to make the cryptocurrency available for small to mid-sized businesses interested in providing their online shoppers more payment choices and added convenience.”

“Because Digital River acts as the merchant- and seller-of-record, our international base of customers can accept and process Bitcoin payments in their U.S. online stores with less risk than they could on their own,” added Peterson. “In addition, this business model creates an opportunity for our customers to offer payment solutions that may be in earlier stages of adoption in their domestic markets.” He added.

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