Xendpay launches mobile wallet service

Xendpay has announced it has expanded its services with the introduction of sending money to mobile wallets.

Xendpay customers are now able to transfer money directly to mobile wallets of family and friends. This expansion is in line with the general strategy at Xendpay, which is to make international money transfers easier, safer and cheaper.

The new service is now available and Xendpay customers can now send money to five countries, these are: Ghana, Kenya, Nepal, Nigeria and Philippines. But Xendpay is working on expanding this list with further new partnership.

Rajesh Agrawal, Founder and CEO at Xendpay, said, “We are proud to offer our customers this new mobile wallet service. We believe that innovative payment solutions are key to making money transfers faster and more secure, and in turn, give our clients as much choice as possible in how they remit money overseas.”

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