Flint integrates m-payments with Intuit’s QuickBooks Online

Flint Mobile has announced the integration of its no-card-reader mobile payment app with Intuit’s QuickBooks Online, expediting end-to-end operations for small businesses that work outside traditional storefront environments.

Flint syncs all transactions, line item information and customer information with the user’s QuickBooks Online account, eliminating manual data entry whilst providing a detailed report and customer history tracking.

“Intuit is committed to creating a powerful ecosystem of integrated apps for our millions of QuickBooks customers,” said Ronny Tey, Group Marketing Manager for QuickBooks Apps.com. “For many service businesses, integrating QuickBooks Online with a mobile payment application brings big efficiency gains. Having Flint integrated into the QuickBooks Ecosystem will help many of these businesses work faster and smarter.”

“Taking payments by smartphone is essential for businesses like contractors, photographers, IT consultants, and health, beauty and fitness professionals who do business either partially or entirely in the field. One of the common challenges is to efficiently link that information to your accounting system,” said Flint co-founder and CEO Greg Goldfarb. “Connecting Flint to QuickBooks Online provides seamless integration that not only reduces paperwork but also helps users analyse their revenue stream down to the service or product item, promotional offer or sales tax in order to optimize their business.”

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