Bango launch latest app store in Canada

Bango has announced that its platform is now powering Direct Operator Billing (DOB) for Google Play across the three main Canadian operators.

Bell, Rogers and Telus networks account for over 95% of all Canadian smartphone users, these users can now pay for content and services in Google’s app store directly through their pre and post-paid mobile accounts.

“Bango has become the utility provider of operator-billed payments used by the big app stores,” said Anil Malhotra, Chief Marketing Officer at Bango. “The Bango Platform provides app store quality billing at scale, by using the deepest integrations with the operator’s billing systems and special technology that identifies and bills customers in just one click. These assets provide the high quality customer payment experience that Bango’s app store partners require.”

“With an average conversion rate of over 95%, the performance of Direct Operator Billing in Canada is world class,” added Malhotra. “The relationships Bango has in Canada are consistent with a global trend in operator billing, where the latest, most advanced Direct Operator Billing services are only being made available through selected, strategic mobile payments specialists like Bango.”

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