LoopPay launch iPhone case for m-payments

LoopPay has announced the availability of the LoopPay ChargeCase, an iPhone charge case that allows secure mobile credit card transactions while extending battery life.

The ChargeCase will enable consumers to leave their wallets and charging cables behind whilst gaining the ability to pay with their phones just about everywhere they shop or dine.

The LoopPay ChargeCase is compatible with iPhone 5 and 5s devices and will add an additional 60% power to the standard iPhone battery. Even when the ChargeCase is depleted after transferring charge to extend the phone’s battery, it still has sufficient power to perform more than 100 mobile transactions.

Consumers have been asking for LoopPay capability in a charge case to extend their highly-integrated mobile lifestyles. We listened closely and are proud to present the first product of its kind in the world, the LoopPay ChargeCase. People will love the ability to pay with their phones at point of sale, especially iPhone users who find themselves in need of a little extra juice to make it through the day,” said Will Graylin, CEO of LoopPay. “I believe every phone case and charge case should have LoopPay inside, giving consumers the ability to move about their day with a secure digital wallet so that they can leave their physical wallets behind for the first time with confidence.”

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