Deluxe Corp. launches new app for e-checks

Deluxe Corporation has announced the launch of its Deluxe Mobile Checkbook app.

The app will enable small business owners to send and receive payments with the same convenience of a printed check, from an iPhone or other iOS device.

Deluxe Mobile Checkbook tracks payments which eliminates the piles of paper invoices. The digital payment history, as well as the corresponding remittance data, makes it fast and easy to organize records.

“The Deluxe Mobile Checkbook is a quick and easy way for small business owners to write, approve, sign, receive and deposit payments anywhere through their mobile device,” said Malcolm McRoberts, senior vice president of small business services at Deluxe. “Whether it is from the truck at a job site or at a lunch meeting with a vendor, Deluxe eChecks are a convenient, real-time solution that leverages today’s evolving technological trends.”

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