VSA Lithuania is switching to Anachron’s InvoicePortal

VSA Lithuania, a waste processing company has announced it is swapping Anachron’s corporate e‑Invoicing solution for their InvoicePortal. Also VSA Lithuania will immediately be connecting MaxCredible to the InvoicePortal. 

The InvoicePortal will enable VSA to offer its business customers even more functionality when paying the invoices electronically:

  • Online functionality via the platform for resolving disputes, including a history
  • The customers can set their own preferences for receiving invoices via ‘My Account’
  • The customer can forward the documents from the portal to other stakeholders
  • Multiple receiver and/or sender accounts can be linked together via the portal

Frank Hoekstra, CEO of Anachron, said: “VSA has been a customer for our corporate solution since 2009 now. InvoicePortal will give its customers even better access to their invoices. We’ve added Lithuanian to the languages that InvoicePortal is available in, especially for VSA. VSA have also decided to start using one of the extra order-to-cash services that we offer: MaxCredible’s credit management software. So VSA have now completely automated the management of their unpaid invoices.”

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