Stored value cards go mobile with SEQR and InComm collaboration

InComm has announced it has signed an agreement with Swedish Seamless that enables the digitisation of the company’s vast portfolio of closed-loop stored-value cards using the mobile payment solution SEQR.

The card, which can be topped up via mobile, will also function as a payment account in the SEQR-app and the US will be the first market to launch.

Seamless CEO, Peter Fredell, said: “Retailers are looking for a ‘Starbucks solution’ where you get your customers to use a reloadable so called closed loop card, at a low transaction cost while rewarding loyal customers and driving in-store traffic. That’s exactly what SEQR together with InComm now can offer any retailer in the US.”

“The partnership will result in significant savings for merchants in production and distribution costs and will have a very large effect in creating loyalty to drive customer acquisition. The consumer experience will be much smoother thanks to the much simplified way to make payments and top up your card directly in the SEQR-app.” He added.

 “We’re pleased to partner with Seamless to provide retailers with new commerce solutions to help drive customer foot traffic in-store,” said Dave Etling, Senior Vice President of Sales and Account Management for InComm Digital Solutions. “By offering consumers an expanded selection of digital stored-value products and digital content, retailers can foster loyalty among a customer-base that’s constantly on-the-go and looking for new ways to purchase favourite songs, games, gift cards and more for themselves and others.”

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