Dragonpay expands globally with I-Remit

Dragonpay and I-Remit have announced they have signed agreement to reach more Filipinos based abroad who wants to purchase from Philippine based e-commerce sites.

This agreement will enable OFWs to buy from Philippine websites that use Dragonpay as a payment facility. The payment process is now made simpler because OFWs will just go to an I-Remit global branch to make over-the-counter cash payment.

I-Remit currently maintains its presence in 27 countries throughout the world. Through its network of more than 1,200 remittance outlets consisting of subsidiaries, joint ventures, strategic partnerships, and tie-ups. Customers abroad can visit I-Remit’s global branches in the following countries: Australia, Brunei, Hongkong, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, Austria, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Bahrain, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar, UAE and Canada.

“This new channel will allow OFW’s to pay easily and affordably for purchases for their family here in the Philippines.  Presently, OFW payments are processed as traditional remittance and the buyer has to send us an image of the receipt from the remittance company. This is both cumbersome and not cost-effective,” said Robertson Chiang, COO of Dragonpay. “By using I-Remit, buyers only need to provide the Dragonpay reference number at the I-Remit branch and we process it automatically.”

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