PrePay Solutions partners with TUI UK & Ireland to launch multi-currency travel money programme

PrePay Solutions is partnering with TUI UK & Ireland to launch a new multi-currency travel money card and mobile application.

The multi-currency card, which is instantly issued in store, or ordered online, allows customers to load up to eight different currencies as separate wallets. More currency wallets can be supported and will be added based on consumer demand.  The cardholder can add cash to one wallet to use in a specific currency zone and then easily transfer money to another currency when travelling elsewhere. In addition, if the money runs out in one currency, it automatically transfers from another wallet that contains funds.

The card is reloadable and can be topped up for free online or in store.  In the coming months cardholders will also be able to load via the mobile App.

The card is accompanied by a mobile app for iOS and Android, in addition to an enhanced PPS online account management cardholder portal.  The App gives the cardholder visibility of their balances and transaction history both at a total level and for each currency wallet.  Future iterations of the App over the next few months will allow cardholders to load wallets and transfer funds across wallets on the move.

The MasterCard branded card can be used to pay for goods on the high street and online in over 28 million locations worldwide. Users can also withdraw cash at more than 1.4 million ATMs.

Rachelle St Ledger, Commercial Director, Retail and Ecommerce at PrePay Solutions, comments: “This dynamic multi-currency service is designed to give people who travel all over the world more flexibility when making payments in different currency zones. People can now plan ahead by topping up their multi-currency card online, so that they can spend money without having to worry about carrying lots of different currencies. The card can also be easily managed online or via the App, so that users can check their balance on the move, transferring cash from wallet to wallet to suit their needs.

We’re very pleased to work alongside TUI to deliver a solution to customers to easily manage their cash whilst abroad, making payments abroad much simpler.”

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