MasterCard and Women 2.0 launch initiative aimed at cultivating tech leaders

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As part of its ongoing efforts to evolve technology and bring strong talent to the financial and technology industries, MasterCard is partnering with Women 2.0 to host networking events in the US and Europe, designed to inspire and connect innovators and future leaders in tech.

Women 2.0 is a connecting force between aspiring and current innovators in technology – bringing these talented people together across the U.S. and Europe to increase the number of female leaders and entrepreneurs in technology.

MasterCard’s relationship with Women 2.0 will foster creative communities of innovative women in technology, supporting the company’s larger initiative of cultivating future leaders of women technologists and supporting them throughout their careers.

“Studies show that gender diversity is important for all companies, increasing performance, productivity, and innovation,” says Andrea Soto, vice president, MasterCard.  “Byaligning with Women 2.0, we can help bring together both women who are working in the technology field and those who aspire to careers in technology, and foster the support system and networks that will help position them for long-term success.”

“We’re in the heart of the technological revolution — nearly every single industry is being redefined, redesigned and reimagined. Finance and electronic payments are changing faster than ever, and we need diverse talent, experience and ideas to keep innovating. Women 2.0 is dedicated to inspiring, educating and connecting diverse people in tech. By partnering with MasterCard, we can bring even more people along for this amazing ride and help redefine technology,” said Shaherose Charania, Women 2.0 Founder and CEO.

As part of MasterCard’s joint partnership with Women 2.0, MasterCard is sponsoring a number of events,  including:

  • Women 2.0’s monthly networking event, City Meetup, in five key locations this year: St. Louis, New York City, San Francisco, Dublin and Toronto
  • Lunch Mentorship with Influencers at the Women 2.0 Conferences in Fall 2014 and Spring 2015
  • A co-branded networking event at Money 20/20 in Las Vegas.

Events are the core of the Women 2.0 strategy to drive change and build diversity in the technology industry – at events new connections are made that lead to hiring, funding and the launch of new ideas. Women 2.0 City Meetup events and Women 2.0 conferences work in tandem with the community-created content to inspire, educated and connect a new generation of technology leaders. With MasterCard as a new sponsor of these offerings, these companies together will help women in technology to connect and network around key topics in technology, leadership, career development and more.

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