Wells Fargo adds Philippine National Bank to ExpressSend remittance network

Wells Fargo and the Philippine National Bank (PNB) have announced that Wells Fargo ExpressSend customers can now send money to family and friends in more than 600 PNB locations in the Philippines.

With the addition of PNB as a Remittance Network Member, this increases Wells Fargo’s ExpressSend pay-out locations in the country to over 5,700 branches and more than 6,500 ATMs. ExpressSend customers can send up to USD3,000 per day to recipients in the Philippines.

“We know that remittances are very important to our customers with family and friends in the Philippines, and we know that convenience is an important part of the service we offer,” said Daniel Ayala, Executive Vice President and Head of Wells Fargo’s Global Remittance Services. “By adding PNB, the 4th largest bank in the Philippines, we are able to expand our pay-out network, making it easier than ever for customers to support their family and friends in the Philippines.”

“The Philippine National Bank is one of the leading providers of remittance and other banking services to Global Filipinos and Wells Fargo is likewise recognized as a strong player in the banking and remittance business. With this new remittance arrangement, PNB can provide convenient remittance transactions between Global Filipinos and their loved ones here in the Philippines,” said Atty. Reynaldo Maclang, PNB President and CEO. “Likewise, the Wells Fargo-PNB arrangement is an important milestone as PNB marks its journey towards its 100th anniversary in 2016.”

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