Best practices for multinational ecommerce expansion

Leading global commerce-as-a-service solutions provider, Digital River, has released a new white paper that provides valuable advice for companies considering multinational expansion of their online commerce stores.

The white paper, Global Strategies for Your Online Business, offers decision-makers, commerce practitioners and digital marketers tips and solutions for managing through the complexities that accompany commerce on a global scale.

According to a recent Forrester Research report, Optimize Performance for Global eCommerce (Sheldon et al, 2014), nearly one-third of all companies doing business today state that international expansion is one of their top three digital priorities. Understanding buyers’ expectations as well as their preferred forms of communication and payment types is not only vital in this process — it’s also the beginning of a series of disciplines requiring deep awareness of local trends, regulations and business rules.

Scott Heimes, Digital River’s chief marketing officer, commented: “Many companies assume that what works in their domestic market will work as effectively in other markets. Unfortunately, such beliefs are not always true and can potentially lead to expensive mistakes that are often difficult to recover from. The world is indeed getting smaller—but significant differences in business practices remain. Global Strategies will help any company get off on the right foot in its international e-commerce initiatives.”

Download the full white paper below to learn more:

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