TSB customers go contactless

TSB has announced it has rolled out 2.2 million new contactless debit cards, which has increased the number of customers able to tap and go by almost five times.

At the beginning of this year, TSV announced its commitment to issuing contactless debit cards to all TSB customers who were eligible. The plan was to issue the new contactless cards within six months. TSB has seen a huge surge in customers making more use of their contactless functionality.

The Bank has already seen contactless spend increase in June to nearly six times the amount spent on contactless cards in January and contactless taps by TSB customers also increased. This is due to more customers having contactless cards but also shows that more people are comfortable with making contactless payments.

Jatin Patel, Products Director, TSB, said:  “We are extremely proud that in just six months all of our eligible debit card customers have been issued with new TSB cards with contactless functionality. Life is increasingly busy so offering our customers the opportunity to ‘tap and go’ was an important step to ensure they can benefit from the latest and most convenient payment options.”

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