IBM streamlining delivery of payments for SICOSS Group

IBM is helping SICOSS Group change the way it processes and delivers payroll and human resource claims by deploying Nomilinea, a new SaaS-based claims-management system, on IBM Cloud infrastructure.

The security, scalability and control that SICOSS Group achieves with SoftLayer’s cloud infrastructure will help its customers maintain compliance easier and will also enable it to launch new services in days rather than weeks.

SICOSS Group deployed Nomilinea on cloud infrastructure from SoftLayer, an IBM Company, in 2013 to enable its 1,200 customers to launch the service in less than 48 hours by leveraging SoftLayer’s virtual storage and dedicated cloud servers. SICOSS Group chose the IBM Cloud to take advantage of its business class security, backup and experience in IT services. With the new cloud-based payroll and HR processing model, SICOSS Group is able to improve agility for companies of all sizes and help its customers’ to remain compliant easier and more efficiently, improving services for more than 26,000 registered employees in their cloud-based system.

“With IBM Cloud we have 100 percent IT availability,” said Miguel Galindo, Corporate IT and Innovation Manager at SICOSS Group. “We are very pleased because the SoftLayer capabilities are supporting us without downtimes in our service, which allows us to limit risk and guarantee permanent service levels for our customers’ HR and payroll management.”

Nomilinea allows SICOSS Group’s customers to streamline integration by eliminating the need to invest in specialized servers or equipment. Because it’s based in the cloud, SICOSS Group is able to integrate updates directly into Nomilinea when laws and regulations change, thereby allowing its customers to remain compliant easier and more efficiently.

Leveraging a SaaS-based model enables customers using Nomilinea to subscribe monthly, quarterly, by semester or yearly rather than pay for it upfront, which allows for better planning of cash flow. Further, because SoftLayer provides the highest level of visibility into workloads and enables for control over user’s access to data, Nomilinea is able to improve security for its customers, as well.

“Nomilinea is very flexible and covers all of our needs as a company, as it allows us to continue to deliver consistent payroll,” saidMonica Lopez, in charge of Payrolls in Pronaquim, a Nomilinea customer. “The online portal is easy to use and intuitive and the cloud-based system gives us much more control over the on-premise model that we were using before.”

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