Nochex becomes the latest payment service provider partner for by Visa

Nochex has announced that it has become the latest Payment Service Provider (PSP) to give the by Visa digital wallet service access to its e-commerce merchant portfolio. by Visa is a digital wallet service offered by banks and financial institutions. by Visa is designed to increase consumer confidence in online shopping and reduce the proportion of sales that are abandoned during the checkout process.

“Nochex is very pleased to confirm that is completely integrated into the Nochex payment service providing another attractive alternative payment option for Nochex’ retailers throughout the UK. Online shoppers want to be able to make their purchases quickly and safely, and integrating with our existing capabilities is another important step forward,” said Martin Greenbank, Chief Executive Officer, Nochex.

“We’re delighted to welcome Nochex to the list of PSPs supporting by Visa,” said Wendy Martin, Executive Director of by Visa. “Their support will help us make by Visa available to an even wider range of merchants and retailers in the UK.”

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