Diebold stopping ATM fraudsters with new anti-skimming card reader

Diebold has announced it is preventing criminals’ ability to capture ATM users’ card data with its new ActivEdge card reader.

The anti-skimming card reader prevents all known forms of skimming as well as other forms of ATM fraud. ActivEdge can help financial institutions avoid skimming-related fraud losses which has a total cost of over USD2bn a year annually according to the ATM Industry Association.

“Card fraud at the ATM is a serious and prevalent crime that leads to significant losses. ActivEdge will be a game changer in our industry’s fight to protect consumer data,” said Andy W. Mattes, Diebold President and Chief Executive Officer. “In addition to our recent acquisition of Cryptera and the formation of the ATM Security Association, ActivEdge is yet another step forward in Diebold’s ongoing efforts to increase ATM security.”

“ActivEdge subtly alters the ATM card user experience, while greatly shifting the balance of power in the fight against ATM crime,” said Frank Natoli Jr., Executive Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer, Diebold. “Altering the card orientation has crippling consequences for skimming devices. With ActivEdge, financial institutions will be able to stay ahead of today’s sophisticated devices and fraud attacks.”

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