Sabre launches virtual payments solution for air travel

Sabre Corporation has announced a partnership with Conferma to launch Sabre Virtual Payments for air travel.

Sabre Virtual Payments will provide a true touch less travel payment service built on the most secure payment card technology available. For travel buyers, Sabre Virtual Payments for Air will increase productivity and security through a streamlined, automated solution that assigns a unique virtual credit card number to each travel segment.

Also, Sabre Virtual Payments will enable corporations to control the exact dollar amount of any single transaction and ensure that only airlines are able to bill to these accounts, which delivers even more fraud protection and increases travel policy compliance.

“The effective management of a corporate travel program is becoming increasingly complex and corporate travel managers face increased pressure to deliver a positive ROI on their travel spend,” said Greg Webb, president of Sabre Travel Network. “Virtual payment services are a huge opportunity to realize increased efficiency through automated processes and better data integration.”

“The addition of virtual card numbers for air is great news for our card program customers who already enjoy the option of VCNs for hotel bookings,” said U.S. Bank Travel Product Manager Mary Miklethun. “This makes U.S. Bank Travel VirtualPay even more valuable in allowing clients to capture and manage every travel dollar they spend.”

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