What does the m-commerce revolution have to do with your “doorbell” finger?

Mobile devices are now so ubiquitous that they’re changing the way we’re using our hands. Research by the international courier firm ParcelHero has found that, whilst most adults use their index finger to ring a doorbell, people under 20 are more likely to use their thumb.

Roger Sumner-Rivers, Managing Director of ParcelHero says: “This change has come about because of the way we use our thumbs when texting and shopping on our mobiles and tablets. It’s one of the most immediate and obvious of changes to happen as a result of the ongoing e-commerce revolution.”

M-commerce is now thought to account for around half of all purchases made in the US, with ParcelHero reporting that over a quarter of people that send parcels book them using mobile devices. “The impact of technology is becoming ever greater,” says Sumner-Rivers. “It’s perhaps not surprising therefore that it has an actual physical effect.

Digital technology is certainly pointing the way forward; whatever part of your hand you use!” he added.

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