CabbyPay brings new level of convenience, speed and security

CabbyPay has announced it has plans to change all traditional taxi cab payment methods with its free, web-based payment platform.

The new web based app will allow cab drivers to take credit card payments quickly while avoiding wasting time with processing credit cards. To encourage cab drivers to give the service a ‘test drive,’ CabbyPay is now offering a USD20, no-obligation signup bonus.

When cab drivers create an account with CabbyPay, they receive a unique code and credit card processing is always 100% free to cabbies. Plus, there’s no wait time to receive payments, as is often the case with normal credit card transactions.

With CabbyPay personal and financial data is protected by 128-bit encryption, the same level used by major banks and e-commerce stores. Transactions take less than 20 seconds, and customers get their receipt instantly via text message.

Customers pay a nominal .99 cent technology fee when using the CabbyPay web-based payment platform. This fee allows CabbyPay to provide its services to cabbies around the nation, who will in turn be able to provide even faster, better services to their customers.

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