Leaked document indicates NFC for iPhone 6

A leaked document has prompted rumours that the upcoming iPhone 6 will include an NFC chip, providing further indication of  Apple’s entrance into the mobile payments space following recent reports that Apple and Visa are joining forces to offer an m-payments platform for the new device.

In a post on Chinese forum Weibo on Monday, Apple repair firm GeekBar shared an image of what it claims to be a wiring schematic for the new iPhone, showing the inclusion of an NFC chip. The PN6V5 model number visible in the document is associated with an NFC chip made by NXP Corp., the company that also makes the iPhone 5’s M7 motion co-processor.

However, despite GeekBar’s claims, the schematic doesn’t appear to be visibly associated with Apple or any of its suppliers, so its relation to the iPhone 6 remains unconfirmed.

Rumours of the inclusion of NFC capability in the iPhone surface with every new release, and it remains to be seen whether this latest will bear any real fruit.

The launch of the iPhone 6 is expected later this year, with Apple rumoured to be hosting an introduction to the device on 9th September.

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