Wallaby Financial opens credit card database to help consumers

Credit card solutions provider, Wallaby Financial, has announced the launch of two new resources aimed at helping consumers obtain and use credit cards effectively.

CardBase and The Card Guide together comprise the single most comprehensive set of credit card data and resources ever made available to consumers free of charge.

CardBase makes use of Wallaby’s independent database of more than 2,000 US credit cards to help consumers make informed choices. Covering more than 450 banks and hundreds of distinct rewards programmes, CardBase is the most comprehensive credit card database in the US. Separate web pages containing information on each of these cards will be available to consumers at walla.by.

The scale and scope of the information within CardBase works in tandem with Wallaby’s powerful search algorithms, allowing consumers to find recommendations for credit cards that are a good match for their needs, both in terms of lifestyle and purchase preferences. Alternatively, consumers can simply browse through popular categories of credit cards.

The Card Guide provides practical and fast-paced advice on topic areas like credit scores, making sensible choices when finding and using credit cards, types of card programmes, loyalty and reward programmes, and avoiding problems such as excessive interest charges. The Card Guide is available in a variety of formats including web pages, subscription courses, and an eBook. All the resources provided by The Card Guide are free to consumers.

Wallaby Founder and CEO Matthew Goldman commented: “CardBase and The Card Guide provide more usable credit card data and advice than has ever been available to consumers before.

“We were determined to blend data and education in ways that make it easier for all levels of consumer to access the best financial products. Alongside our existing mobile, web and wearable apps and extensions, CardBase and The Card Guide in our opinion represent an unprecedented array of free and independent credit card resources. Our solutions build on more analysis of more than $1bn in credit card transactions managed on our system.” 


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