EVEN Hotels introduce wristband system for keyless room entry and cashless purchasing

PDC has announced a collaboration with EVEN Hotels to installed PDC’s Smart Band RFID Wristband System.

The installment of the PDC’s wristband system will enhance the guests experience through keyless and cashless applications. Upon check in, EVEN Hotels guests receive an RFID room key card, and for $8, may purchase a waterproof Smart Band with a securely sealed RFID chip inside that stores and verifies guest data when scanned by a reader.

Guests may take Smart Band with them upon leaving the property, and re-use when visiting any EVEN Hotel. As each chip contains a unique ID number, the bands are impossible to duplicate. Guests are able to access their rooms by presenting their Smart Band over RFID-enabled locks.

Also the Smart Band serves as a convenient wrist wallet, enabling EVEN Hotel guests to make cashless purchases at the hotel’s Cork & Kale Market and Bar via a quick scan of the band.

“RFID wristbands are not only recognized as a smarter and more reliable technology than magnetic stripe cards, they’re also much more convenient,” said Robin Barber, Vice President of Leisure & Entertainment for PDC. “We all know the experience of fiddling for the hotel door card when your hands are full of luggage. Smart Band provides quick access with just a slight wave of the wrist.”

“By automating manual procedures, PDC’s Smart Band RFID Wristband System helps us deliver outstanding conveniences to our guests at EVEN Hotels,” said Adam Glickman, Head of EVEN Hotels. “The system supports our mission to provide solutions for all aspects of our guests’ wellness needs through innovative technologies and a distinctive service culture that differentiates EVEN Hotels in our industry.”

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