IPC Media and Boku partner on innovative ‘text-to-pay’ solution

Boku has announced a new partnership with IPC Media that enables new subscribers to sign up for print magazine subscriptions without the need for a credit or debit card. 

In order to sign up for the subscription, all you need to do is simply text a keyword to a short number. This innovative solution using text-to-pay is expected to significantly increase print magazine subscriptions, particularly among young, mobile-first consumers. After confirmation via text the subscriber will complete the registration process via a mobile website. The charge for the magazine subscription appears on the subscriber’s carrier bill, or is deducted from their prepaid balance using Boku’s e-money product.

“Our company is always looking to take advantage of technological innovation,” said Beatriz Montoya, acting direct marketing director at IPC Media. “Creating a solution with Boku that gives readers the ability to immediately subscribe using their phone number has tremendous potential to grow our subscription business. Very soon our readers will start discovering keywords that they can subscribe with via insert cards, print ads and on the covers on their favourite magazines.”

Boku CEO, Jon Prideaux said: “Providing IPC Media with the ability to capture payment easily and immediately in the physical world – in a doctor’s office, waiting on a plane to take off, or just relaxing on the beach – is the perfect integration for our service, working with IPC Media to create such a simple, elegant solution for people to easily subscribe to their favourite magazines paves the way for ‘text-to-pay’ solutions for a variety of subscription based products. Our vision of using carrier based mobile payments in the physical world has come into its own.”

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