Limonetik become members of Gx

Limonetik has announced that they have joined Gx, the UK membership and research organisation specialising in emerging payments.

The payment space is forever changing, with the evolution of digital media and social networking, traditional sales and marketing techniques are increasingly ineffective. Since 2004, Gx has been helping companies achieve their business objectives.

“Gx membership gives us many opportunities,” said Christophe Bourbier, Chairman of Limonetik. “First of all, Gx is a fantastic place to meet the right people in the right environment, share points of view with them, and better understand strategic issues and impacts in Northern Europe. One of our current challenges is our International development. The Gx team is so enthusiastic, professional and determinate that we absolutely wanted to join their Network to reach our target faster.”

“At Gx, we stimulate the market by delivering thought-provoking insight and opinion, bringing key players together by providing introductions and networking opportunities, and sharing innovation through our high-quality niche events,” said Tony Craddock, CEO and Founder of Gx. “We are very pleased to welcome Limonetik, a very innovative company, as a new member. Their team is very dynamic and has the passion for payments industry. It is important for Gx to welcome new members who bring their stone to our complex sector and contribute to get a smarter approach to payments.”

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