Ukash partner with YuuPay to give e-tailers more secure payment options

Ukash has announced a partnership with YuuPay to enable merchants a secure, safe online transactions option.

This announcement marks Ukash’s growing partnership network, increasing payment choice for consumers who shop and play online without the need for a bank account or credit card. YuuPay offers this as this partnership will help expand and embed the firm’s presence within its key markets.

“The Ukash brand is already well established with Asian and Australian consumers, so this new partnership with YuuPay provides a great opportunity for merchants to leverage the loyalty around our service, offering customers flexibility and security when they shop, play and pay online.” said James Allum, Chief Commercial Officer at Ukash.

Yoav Elgrichi, CEO of YuuPay, said: “Ukash offers the perfect fit for our customers as its universal and inclusive payment method helps consumers transact online safely and securely. Its simplicity makes it easy for consumers who don’t own a credit card or those who prefer to keep their personal information private when making online transactions.”

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