Apple and Nordstrom in talks to partner over iPhone payments

Nordstrom is reported to be the first retail store offering to accept mobile payments from the iPhone 6.

As rumours fly over the mobile payment capacities of the iPhone 6 – due to be announced September 9th – Apple seems to be encouraging retail stores to accept its new mobile payment standards. According to Nordstrom employees, the upscale clothing chain is gearing up to take payments from customers who will be tapping the screen of their iPhone 6 over a point-of-sale (POS) system.

Nordstrom employees told Bank Innovation that the store has been upgrading its mobile point-of-sale terminals to with hardware that allow them to work with the “most recent iPhones”. It seems that Apple and Nordstrom have “a contract”, but the specifics are still under wraps. But the retail store started making the appropriate changes “a few weeks ago”, in preparation for the iPhone 6 launch this month.

Apple was reportedly looking for a fashion brand with a huge physical reach – one that might complement the other deals it has made with American Express, Visa and MasterCard. Nordstrom is also well-known for its focus on technological innovation. In 2012, Nordstrom introduced mobile POS terminals with an EasyPay attachment to connect to a customer’s iPod Touch in all its 271 locations.

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