CheapAir now accepting payment in dogecoin and litecoin as well as bitcoin will now accept dogecoin and bitcoin as payment for flight and railing bookings on its budget travel site.

CheapAir began accepting bitcoin for flight bookings in November, quickly expanding its bitcoin payment service to include hotel and railway bookings. Since then its bitcoin sales have passed the $1.5m mark.

This positive customer response was the main reason behind the decision to allow payments from dogecoin and litecoin. But it may have been prompted by the adoption of bitcoin by companies in multiple sectors, such as Dell , Overstock, Expedia and Dish Network. CheapAir is committed to leaving these companies behind again as it adopts two new methods of virtual currency payment.

CEO Jeff Klee notes that the same demographics that made its bitcoin integration a success inspired the company’s latest move in the digital currency space.

“We’ve had some success with bitcoin, we’ve gotten some new customers there – enthusiastic customers,” said CheapAir CEO Jeff Klee. “We’ve gotten a great response since we began accepting [bitcoin], and we had some requests for dogecoin and litecoin. We figured why not?”

CheapAir will start supporting dogecoin and litecoin payments for flights and hotel, and if the venture is successful, will employ a similar strategy to its implementation of bitcoin, and allow the payments for hotels to be taken in these crypto currencies.

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