FIS brings instant P2P payment capabilities to EverBank

FIS has announced a partnership with EverBank to provide FIS People Pay to its clients. People Pay enables users to pay anyone with their mobile phone number or email address. Also recipients can receive funds directly to their bank account or via a gift card.

People Pay utilises FIS’ PayNet network, which moves money instantly between deposit accounts of both consumers and businesses.

“EverBank clients want to be able to quickly send payments online or from their mobile phones to friends, family or colleagues, using just an e-mail or mobile number, and they trust us to provide those payment services safely and securely,” said Vincent Amato, EverBank Senior Vice President and Director of Banking Operations. “FIS People Pay allows us to provide such a service, fully branded to our bank, so our clients have the safe, secure payment services they’re looking for.”

“Studies have shown that customers are not only interested in instant money movement, but also that they want their financial institution to provide it, and they’re willing to pay for the ability,” said Nancy Langer, Division Executive, FIS ePayment Solutions. “P2P payments can serve as a way to establish a relationship with younger and mobile-first customers and to set your financial institution apart from competitors. And when you can offer a system that was designed specifically for customers, you give them the ability to send money as they see fit.”

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