MIT COOP accepts bitcoin through BitPay

BitPay has announced that MIT COOP is now accepting bitcoin as a payment. MIT COOP already offers a bitcoin exchange service in its store, but now it is the first major university book-store to add bitcoin as a payment method.

The COOP decided to accept bitcoin at its MIT store because of its commitment to serving student culture. Massachusetts Institute of Technology students are leaders and thinkers from diverse backgrounds. BitPay’s payment processing services and tools enable the COOP to seamlessly integrate bitcoin and receive daily bank settlements. With BitPay’s easy and efficient setup, MIT students can purchase textbooks, supplies and school equipment.

“The MIT COOP is the first campus-based business to respond to this student-led adoption, continuing its reputation as a cooperative by students and for students,” said Jerry Murphy, COOP President. “Once we decided to add bitcoin to our book-store, we turned to BitPay to make it happen.”

“Students are the next generation technology leaders and we expect them to be at the forefront of new technology adoption like bitcoin,” said Tony Gallippi, BitPay’s Co-founder and Executive Chairman. “As MIT and The COOP are two of America’s most historic examples of innovation, the adoption of bitcoin continues this tradition.”

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