Paypal launches SDK in offline retail expansion

Paypal is going beyond online payments and launching the PayPal Here SDK to help online merchants sell their products offline.

Paypal Here was launched a few years ago, as a triangle-shaped dongle that served as a credit card reader which plugs into merchants’ smartphones, allowing them to accept payments on the go. Now, the Paypal Here SDK is being adopted by partners who already serve the merchants PayPal is after – GoDaddy and Ecwid – and the list should soon expand.

With the Ecwid collaboration, merchants will be able to link their in-store and on-mobile sales with their existing online sales data and inventory. GoDaddy will be integrating the SDK’s payment processing into its GetPaid app, which lets small businesses manage their customer workflows.

The SDK will have the ability to interact with credit card readers so customers can easily swipe their card at the merchant’s point-of-sale (POS).

Paypal says the SDK will be simple for merchants to integrate, with an easy to use API. The system will allow partners and developers to use the same SDK to implement payment solutions across several different geographic locations. Merchants will automatically be listed in the PayPal app, where they will be searchable by millions of PayPal users. PayPal also claims that merchants will receive very competitive pricing with no hidden fees or charges.

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