Visa launches online payment platform with NFL advertising partnership

Visa Card digital trail

Visa is launching their new online payment platform Visa Checkout in North America by teaming up with retailers and the National Football League for one of its largest product pushes in recent history.

The credit card giant is hoping that timing the release with the start of the football season will spread the word about the new service. A promotion for Visa Checkout will TV spots with the most recognizable NFL players during FOX’s halftime show, and launches a fake holiday for fans called “Footballentine’s Day”.

Also joining the squad is Pizza Hut, which already accepts Visa Checkout, offering a pizza giveaway later this autumn.

“It’s arguably one of the biggest pushes that Visa has made,” said Chris Curtin, Chief Digital Officer at Visa. “Visa Checkout is one of the brand’s top marketing priorities in North America.”

Mr. Curtin went on to explain “This product is aimed at making peoples’ lives a little bit easier, little bit simpler, and little more gratifying and rewarding. We wanted the marketing itself to have that same vibe,” he said. “A lot of the creative is designed to put a smile on your face.”

Visa Checkout is a web and mobile-payment replacing the digital wallet It works with retailers and financial institutions to make online and mobile payments easier for consumers, who sign up to make payments with a few clicks. It launched in mid-July and is accepted by about 30 retailers, including Neiman Marcus, Gap, United Airlines, and Staples.

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