Mobile payments unveiled for Canadian merchants

Canada has witnessed the launch of the Canada Mobile Payments brand in response to continual growth in mobile commerce.

Canada Mobile Payments, launched yesterday, is designed to assist businesses with alternative payment solutions for revenue growth. The company has built a plethora of mobile payments processes & digital currency transfer opportunities enabling customers to use smartphones & wearable devices to their advantage.  Canada Mobile Payments has a consultative approach with advanced mobile payments solutions and expertise that have allowed its partners to grow their merchant client base.

Colin Bhimsen, Canada Mobile Payments CEO, said, “Businesses have the unique ability to maximize their sales, and focus on crucial customer service, and in the end: success. With the explosive growth of the smartphone market, the mobile payments ecosystem enables customization of the most advanced solutions, and lucrative margins for businesses.  Our commitment to the mobile payments systems innovation and financial technology has never been stronger.  As major cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary & Montreal grow, so does the demand for quality customer service & timely payments for busy consumers.  The hospitality sector: hotels, bars, restaurants, pubs, night clubs all have significant opportunity to advance their customer service & sales. With Canada Mobile Payments, businesses are well poised with the technology, tools and expertise required to meet growing demand for faster, smarter, more secure payments.”

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