ZuluTrade expands into Japanese markets

ZuluTrade announced its expansion through the acquisition of Market Crew Investment Advisor Co., Ltd, creating a Tokyo based subsidiary called ZuluTrade Japan to operate the Japanese website of ZuluTrade as zulutrade.co.jp.

ZuluTrade is a world leader in online and mobile Forex autotrading platforms. The first brokerage firm to launch ZuluTrade in Japan is Arena FX Co., Ltd. The collaboration started on the 5th of September and is expected to be very popular with Forex investors.

 “We are very excited to introduce ZuluTrade in Japan by collaborating with Japan regulated brokers,” said Leon Yohai, Founder and CEO of ZuluTrade. “Japan is a strategic market for ZuluTrade and we are investing in key relationships that will benefit collaborating broker customers as well as support our long-term growth goals. Japan will enable us to increase our global presence.”

 “ZuluTrade’s autotrading platform represents an attractive alternative for Forex investors in Japan,” said Manabu Kato the CEO of the newly created ZuluTrade Japan Co Ltd. “I am delighted to launch ZuluTrade in Japan, as the platform’s advanced algorithmic signals autotrading technology is expected to be greatly beneficial to everyone.”

Source: Businesswire

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